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Wild Bunch Action Shooting


Wild Bunch Action Shooting is yet another way the AK49ers’ enjoy the sport of competitive shooting old west style.   Wild Bunch costuming and firearms are typical of those used just after the turn of the 20th century.  Participant’s use 1911 semi-auto pistols, lever action rifles (nothing smaller than 40cal) and a Winchester Model ‘97(in all its variances) or Model ’12 pump shotgun.


Wild Bunch and Cowboy Action Shooting both use reactive steel targets and the same scoring system, but that is where the similarities end. Wild Bunch has its own distinct set of rules. There are only four categories: men and ladies Traditional or Modern (based on model of 1911 pistol). All of the firearms are brought to the firing line loaded: the shotgun is loaded with up to six rounds. The pistol starts loaded with seven rounds and extra magazines with up to seven rounds each as dictated by the course of fire.


Wild Bunch is NOT Cowboy Action Shooting with a 1911. Wild Bunch is a unique standalone shooting sport. Learn all about it at one of the AK49ers’ shoots and/or visit


1911 with magazines

Ready for some Wild Bunch Action

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