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Special Events  Throughout the Year



     The Alaska Wild Bunch Championship begins on Friday with stage setup and registration.  The match consists of ten fast and furious stages shot over two days. The targets are as varied as the scenarios.  Wild Bunch shooters will engage Wild Bunch shooters may engage small and large targets as well as dueling trees, hostage targets and plate racks. Distances to targets are also varied which adds to the fun challenge factor of the sport. The round count for each stage varies, but on average there are 5 to 10 rifle, 4 to 8 shotgun and 15 to 30 pistol. The targets, sequences and round counts are all set by the shoot's Match Director who quite often has a very twisted mind.


     The match begins on Saturday morning with the opening ceremony and the completion of registration.  There are five stages shot on Saturday and the final five on Sunday. Lizzy Mae and her Chuck Wagon Crew provide lunch on both days as well as dinner on Saturday evening.  The awards ceremony is on Sunday as soon as the scores are tallied. 




Moose Nugget Flats



Shootout Under
Midnight Sun

     SUMS is the AK49ers annual Alaska State Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting.  This is a three day event held over the 4th of July weekend at the Matanuska Valley Sportsmen Shooting Range. 


The fun begins on Friday afternoon with “side matches”.  These matches vary from year to year, but often involve some speed and accuracy shooting, knife and tomahawk throwing.  The side matches are open to everyone.  Winners are recognized at the Saturday night dinner. 


     Friday night everyone is invited for the annual Chili Cook Off.  Anyone and everyone can enter their favorite pot of chili in the contest. You get to eat a variety of chili and vote on your favorite.  The winner will take home a traveling trophy (apron) which will be passed on to next year’s champion as well as an individual trophy. 


     The main match consists of twelve stages over two days.  Six stages each on Saturday and Sunday with a lunch break on both days.  Saturday night is the Banquet in Town Square.   Great meal, time to socialize, side match awards, door prizes and maybe a surprise or two.  Sunday brings an end to SUMS for another year.  Participants shoot the final six stages of the match then gather for the Awards Ceremony. 

Alaska Gun Collectors "Youth Day"

     This is what you will see every year on the 1st Saturday in June at “Youth Day”. We are just one of several user groups that participate in this annual event. We only see the 12-18 year olds. The younger kids stay at the shotgun end of the range. The kids are divided into smaller groups and each group rotate through all the shooting stations.


     Each child that comes through our station shoots five rounds of pistol and five rounds of rifle under the direct supervision of a 49ers’ volunteer.  We use .38s and our new .22s. The .22s belong to the club and the ammo is donated by Marshal Stone. The other rifle/pistol ammo is donated by AGCA and the pistols and rifles are on loan from several club members.

     After a short introduction of the 49ers’ and a safety briefing, one of the 49er's Range Officers will explain the revolver and what to expect when shooting it.  The kids are then introduced to the workings of a lever action rifle.

     We also have a nice gun display for everyone to see, to help promote questions about the guns and our sport.

Charity Shoot
Auction and Dinner

The last match of the AK49ers’ summer season is our Charity Shoot.  This match is our major fund raiser for the year.  The match is similar to a monthly match, but has one major difference.  You can and will be fined for just about everything.  A Judge is authorized to impose fines for anything he/she can think of.  This adds another level of fun to an already very fun sport. Following the match everyone meets up in the Club House for a wonderful dinner and an auction.  Auction items are collected throughout the year for this event. There is always something for everyone.


The evening ends with the tally of monies collected through fines, dinner and auction.  These funds are added to any donations received during the past year. A decision on the recipients of these funds will be decided by the membership at a monthly meeting.  A few of our past recipients have been the SASS Scholarship Fund, Happy Trails Children’s Foundation, Alaska Gun Collectors Scholarship Fund, and Alaska’s Healing Hearts.

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