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What Happens at a Shoot?


Every match begins with the reading of the safety brief.  Remember we are all here to have fun, but safety always comes first.


That days Match Director explains the shooting sequence for the stage.  This is the order in which you will shoot the targets, the round count and where you will be positioned while shooting. 


There will be a timer operator, three counters and a score keeper.  When ready participants take their guns to the loading table where they load designated rounds into their rifle and pistols.  The shotgun is loaded on the line.  Shooter takes their guns to the shooting line and stages them as directed.  Shoots the sequence, time and any penalties are given to the shooter and score keeper. The shooter takes their guns to the unloading table where they are cleared.  



10 rounds rifle    4+ shotgun    10 rounds pistol


Stage Rifle and shotgun on table at position two. Pistols loaded with 5 rounds each holstered.  Shooter will begin at the fence, hands at sides, ATB (at the beep) sweep the pistol  targets for ten rounds, move to position two, with rifle sweep the rifle targets for 10 rounds, safely stage rifle back on table, pickup shotgun and knock down the 4 shotgun target, any order.


The 49ers’ will shoot from four to six stages at any given monthly match.  The number of shooters is often a determining factor as to how many stages there will be.  There is a lunch break during the match.  Lunch is provided at the winter/indoor shoots.


We encourage everyone to attend our matches.  You may even find yourself putting a few rounds down range.  There is no better way to get a feel for our sport than actually trying it. 


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