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Who Are We?



The Alaska 49ers is a group of individuals that enjoy the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS), the fastest growing segment of the shooting world. CAS is a sport the entire family can participate in, with the Buckeroo/Buckerette category entry age of twelve years old. We are affiliated with a parent organization, the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS), which governs our sport.

Our Goal is to recreate the "Spirit of the Old West", a time period spanning 1849 through 1899, in shooting scenarios. We do this by developing a character (an "alias"), dressing in appropriate attire for that alias, and using firearms made or designed prior to 1900. The SASS Shooters handbook explains in great detail which firearms are legal to use.


We also pride ourselves on giving back to the community by raising money once each year for local charities. All proceeds from our final outdoor match, the first Saturday in October, are designated for giving. In addition to the match fees, auction proceeds, and meal receipts we also fine members for minor (or major) infractions of the Cowboy Spirit. All donated funds come from the membership of the Alaska 49ers. We pick 3-4 worthy charities such as Alaska Healing Hearts, Alaska Gun Collectors Association (AGCA) Scholarship Fund, Roy Rogers Foundation-Happy Trails, and the SASS Scholarship Fund. In recent years, we've raised over $2000 at this final outdoor event. 

New shooters are welcomed and sometimes even innocent bystanders are cajoled into trying their hand at Cowboy Action Shooting. That often results in a new shooter joining us! We encourage you to come see what we do, and join in with the rest of us that "rode" with the Lone Ranger, Hoppalong Cassidy, and the Duke. And the posse isn't complete without "Little Miss Sure Shot". So gals, if you fancy becoming the next Annie Oakley, please come on out.

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