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Event Schedule

Mat-Valley Sportsman Indoor Range

Monthly Matchs

Set Up 8:30 am~~~Safety Brief 9:30 am~~~Lead Down Range 10:00 am  

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special events---2021


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Alaska State Wild Bunch Championship

May 8th-9th


Alaska Gun Collectors "Youth Day"

Birchwood Recreation & Shooting Park

June 4th & 5th



Alaska State Championship “Shootout Under the Midnight Sun”

July 2nd - 4th


Charity Shoot (dinner and auction)

To Be Announced

Next Monthly Match is February 11th at Mat Valley Sportsmen's Range 

Grab Yer Pistols, Rifles and  Scatter Guns and Come On Out and Shoot Some Low Down Steel Varmints! 

2022 SUMS Final Scores - Overall - By Category

2023 Championships Registration Forms Here

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